We love Mini Maestros but it means so much more to know that you do too…

“You were fantastic, really don’t know how you do it.  I take my hat off to you, you had loads of compliments on how fantastic you were from other parents and Ruby had a lovely time time too.” Nicola Dobson

“Jo you have a rare talent – to encourage so many parents to sit down and get involved with their children at our Christmas party takes some doing and we are always impressed by how you manage it.” Barnado’s Young Families

“A huge thank you, the party was brilliant and we have had so much positive feedback about you Anna! You really made Marcus’s day, and he was very very taken with all of the tractor/farm songs. He was a little bit overcome as he had been so excited, and didn’t expect such a great theme, but he loved it and is still talking about his party. You managed to engage all of the children, of quite an age range and they had fun. It was lovely to watch as a parent!” Carolyn Cordan

“I don’t know who gets more involved in Mini Maestros me or the kids!!! We would never miss a session, we love it and the children adore Jo” – Robyn, Freddie and Heidi France

“Over 2 and a half years of fabulous musical fun! We have had a ball… And “hello, how are you” and “goodbye” will always be in our lives… Thanks to the music CDs that we listen to 24/7 in our house! If anyone wants to give their little baby or toddler the best musical start in life… Mini Maestros is for you! Thankyou  xxx” – Sam and Fin Fin

“I would recommend Mini Maestros to anyone with young children, me and my son have enjoyed EVERY session. Helen makes the groups extra special as she is FANTASTIC! My son’s face lights up as soon as she starts singing. (We have also bought the CD!!)” – Carly and Reuben

“Jo is fab!!! She did Martha’s party and everyone loved it!” – Zoe P

“My daughter Ruby and I went to Mini Maestros from when she was about nine months old until she was four. We went to Jo’s class at Wrenthorpe and enjoyed every minute. The classes were always fun, imaginative and thoughtful and what I loved the most was that I really felt that Jo had taken the time to know the children as their own individual selves. My dad came once and commented that Jo was loads better than the Cbeebies presenters! I have such happy memories of those mornings and all the fun we had. Having been to loads and loads of children’s music/sport/gymnastics etc with my daughter and my son before her I can honestly say that Mini Maestros is leagues ahead of the others! x “



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